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Uguressa – Sri Lankan Plum or cherries Ramontchi- උගුරැස්ස

Uguressa pulm - fruit in Sri Lanka

Uguressa is a small berry fruit resembling an English plum, can be called as Sri Lankan Cherries.  It’s a sour sweet nutritious fruit.

“When it is consumed, it should be in a good ripened state. Before eating, it must be massaged with the palm of the hand. Otherwise it tastes astringent and hard. It is a hard fruit but after it is massaged, it becomes soft. Sometimes it can be consumed with the outer layer but otherwise after rubbing, it is squeezed. Then the pulp is softened. After it becomes soft, you get the real taste – it is sweet and sour. Then, you can squeeze the jelly like pulp or juice into the mouth. But sometimes if you want, you can eat the whole fruit as it is, or you can squeeze. Then the outer covering is empty,” said  Swarna Hapuarachchi, Director, Institute of Indigenous Medicine.

It is highly rich in vitamins and has many medicinal benefits! Something so good that just grows in as a wild plant in many rural areas are rarely available in our city super markets, but many street vendor selling these along roadside.

Scientific name of Uguressa is Flacourtia indica, known commonly as ramontchi, governor’s plum, batoko plum.

Botanical name:- Flacourtia indica.
English name:-Governor’s plum, Ramontchi
Sinhala name: Uguressa
Tamil Name: Cottai-k-kala

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  • Sithum
    March 4, 2019 at 7:51 am

    delicious forgotten fruits of Sri Lanka

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